Our Magic Mirror is like nothing your guests have ever seen before… Sleek, stylish and modern, it’s the perfect compliment to your meticulously styled event. AND, She’s not just a pretty face! The open air set up allows the whole squad to fit in the shot, head to toe. Plus, you and your guests are Gorgeous!! That’s why we use a professional 10 megapixel DSLR camera, top of the line studio lighting and professional lab quality printers to showcase the hotties you truly are! Add options for green screen technology, interactive touch screen, social media sharing and .gif-ability, even autograph your masterpiece…Yea, she’s a Boss! (…you’re gonna wanna put a ring on it…)


Be honest…You’ve been pinning your face off to make your event style just right and you know what you want! You’re not cookie cutter and neither are we! We will work with you to make your vision a reality. From primo backdrop selections (or even custom backdrops), customized props, templates, and decor to any other additions you’re dreaming up, we love getting creative and can’t wait to start working on perfecting your vision!


Our optional social media “share station” lets your guests blast your event and what an incredible time they’re having all over social media! (Go ahead, show off!!)